Wonderful time

My dear hostfamily,
Five months ago I came here. I had only my suitcase with me. It was full of stuff I thought I might need. I was looking forward to my year ,but I didn't have many expectations. I was coming here with an open mind.
All I knew about you were your names, and some basic informations I got from your emails. I had no idea what kind of people you are, or how is your daily life like. I didn't know how we would get along: would I became part of your family, and have fabulous time with you, or would we be unable to live together?
 I was coming here trusting, and hoping everything would be fine.
Now after these five months I've spent with you, I can honestly say that I'm the luckiest person in the world 'cause I got to know you. You are the most friendly, and heartfelt people I've ever met. I feel myself so privileged to be able to belong your family.

You have done so much for me: 
You  have took me part of your family. I'm like your own child, your own "Tuhkimo" (Cinderella). 
You have been so patient for teaching me, how to do things at your home: when I have done something in a wrong way, you have told me how you usually do it. And I've tried to remember, and learn all those things.
You have always been supporting my decicions, and giving advices when I've needed them.
You have taught me how to live in the new, and different culture, on the other side of the world. You have understood how hard it sometimes is.
You have been here for me, when I have been feeling sad or homesick. Supporting, listening, and telling that I can do this, don't give up.
You have helped me with a school. I have been feeling frustrated for school projects, and homeworks many times. You have helped me to do them. Basically, you helped me to survive in a high school.
You gave me the opportunities to visit in Portland, Seattle, Florida, and many other places.
You have been explaining things for me, when I haven't been able to understand something.
You have taught me so many things about English.
Seriously, I don't have enough words to tell everything I've got from you. The list is long.
You have been one of the reason, why my year has been so awesome so far!

I am gonna be your Tuhkimo forever! ;D (For the other people: it's an inside joke :D )

I have had wonderful, amazing, and unforgettable time with you. This time will be forever in my heart. All those moments we have had together, they'll never go away!

For example I'll never forget:
 Our evening dinners, while watching Jepardy, and eating delicious food.  
Our conversations about everything, you made me thought of things from the different perspectives.
Our joking, you have made me laugh so many times.
Our evening times, when I should have been doing my homeworks. Anyway, it was more interesting to sat in the living room with you, watch TV, movies, and talk about things.
Our "lovely" morning rides to school, when I felt myself so tired. I wasn't the most talkative person. You cheered me up.
Our Sunday night dinners ,where I've met so many great people.
Our Friday evenings at the McMenamins.
Our trips.
Our daily life.
All days I've spent with you. I've enjoyed of every second from the bottom of my heart!
 You have been one of the reason, why my year has been so wonderful!!
I just don't have enough words to tell you, how much I love you, and how grateful I am. You have done so much for me. I don't know what I would have done without you. My year would've been so different!
Now it's time to open a whole new chapter in my book. It's time to move to the second host family. It's time to see different lifestyles and ways to do things. I'm sure my time is continuing to be amazing. I will still come to visit you many, many times before I'll go back to Finland. And never know, maybe some day I will see you in Finland!
One thing is sure, I'm gonna stay in touch with you for the rest of my life!

Thank you for being my family, I'm gonna miss you!
 I love you!

Your daughter,

7 kommenttia:

  1. Tuhkimo on kylläkin Cinderella englanniksi... :D

    1. Joo mää tiiän! ;D Me käytetään mun hostperheen kanssa suomenkielistä versiota eli tuhkimoa! :D

    2. ja siksi siis kirjoitin sen suomeksi :D

  2. Mikä onkaan tuo harjanvarsi keskellä perhepotrettia? Onko se jokin amerikkalainen tapa jolla osoitetaan perheenjäsenten välien olevan tahrattomat?

    1. Se on kuule aito ja alkuperäinen amerikkalainen työväline, joka on täällä päin suurimmaksi osaksi miesten hellässä hoidossa ja käytössä. Hyvin ne on sitä käyttäneet sillä ei pölypalleroa taikka pientä tahraakaan oo näkyvissä missään, ei edes ihmisuhteissa. On se niin tahratonta touhua tää elämä täällä, mää tiiän että sääkin nauttisit siitä varmasti! Kiitti kommentista little bro!

  3. Aivan ihana postaus!:) vaikka en tajunnu puoliakaan:Dd mutta tässä se englanninkieli kehittyy;)

    1. Kiitoos paljon!! :)) Tuo on oikea asenne, siinä sitä enkku kehittyy kun vaan yrittää käyttää sitä mahollisimman paljon, vaikka aina ei tajuaiskaan mitään! :DD